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Bathurst Orienteering

This page has been created specifically to encourage interest in forming an orienteering club in Bathurst.

Goldseekers Orienteers in Orange is very keen to help set up a 'sister' club in Bathurst which will encourage
more people to enjoy the sport of Orienteering in the wonderful Central West area.

Things have been progressing well for Bathurst Orienteering 
over the past few months. From a 'standing start' early in October 2017 we now have a strong core of enthusiasts to keep the momentum going.

For the next 4 months (March -- June) Goldseekers will be holding a short O Skills training session at 10am on one Sunday each month. These sessions will be about 1 - 1.5hrs and will cover basics of map reading and use of a compass, and also more advanced techniques, such as planning your route around a course, understanding catching features, and much more.

Be a better Orienteer - come along to these training sessions.

When you see an orienteering map for the first time they can be a bit challenging, but they are very logical and give you lots of information, in fact incredible detail, when you learn how to read them.  One thing you won't see is street names, area names, park names, creek names - can't make it too easy!  The skill of orienteering is to keep track of where you are by relating what you see around you to the map in your hand.

A course is a series of control points which you must find in sequence - 1, 2, 3, etc. until you finish the course.  A control point is either a metal post in the ground with an orange and white flag on it, or a metal plate in orange and white chained to a fence or light post. Your don't need a compass to deal with an easy course, that comes later.

Gradually you become more skilled in map reading and navigation and move to more difficult courses where you need a compass to navigate through the forests.  Now it's getting more interesting and a real challenge to set good times for your run.

Just by way of comparison, here's a pic of a young lad running in a serious Bush course at Tuesday's Schools Champs at Rosenberg State Forest. He's fast, he is flying!  He is working hard to save seconds.  This is the sport of orienteering!